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Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational

November 5, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS, IN  – The inaugural Bald Eagle Invitational brought together collegiate programs from across the Midwest region including Michigan, Wisconsin, DePaul, Notre Dame, Purdue, Grand Valley, and Illinois. Additionally, the University of Virginia drove up to Indiana to make an uncharacteristically early appearance in the Michigan racing schedule. The invitational was held as a head race on the Eagle Creek Reservoir where the team has traditionally attended the Head of the Eagle Regatta. The air got warmer as the day progressed, and the water was calm throughout, which made for perfect fall conditions. Entering a total of 11 boats in 5 events for Michigan's varsity program, and 8 boats over 4 events for the novice program, the competition promised to showcase the full depth of this year's squad.

Starting off the day in the varsity pairs, the duo of Lake Vitton and Benjamin Sonnega took first, covering the straight-shot 4.25 km course in 16:17.20, beating second place Virginia by over 10 seconds. The second Michigan pair of Kevin Hinkle and Philip Faris narrowly missed third place, coming in behind a fast Notre Dame boat.

In the Men's Varsity 4+ events, Michigan's A boat took first ahead of Wisconsin, and the Michigan B boat took third in their race by a small margin behind two Wisconsin boats.

After a brief intermission, the Men's Varsity 8+ events began. Michigan swept the field taking first in the A, B, and C heats. Michigan-A finished with a time of 13:27.00 beating Virginia by one second. In a testament to the vigor and resilience of the top boat in our program, the Michigan-A boat held off a Virginia encroachment by executing a series of well-timed stroke rating and power lifts led by coxswain Rose Lewis and stroke seat Jordan Shore. Michigan-B completed the course in 13:52.90 besting second place Wisconsin by three-tenths of a second, while Michigan-C finished with a close one-tenth of a second lead over Notre Dame's-C boat!

Once again, the novice squad proved itself to be a competitive and fast-learning group, winning several of their races including a first place finish in the Men's Novice 4+. Their performance helped to propel the team to a Men's Overall Points Trophy.

The team heads back to Ann Arbor to prepare for the annual Wolverbuck competition in Columbus, Ohio next weekend.




   Varsity 8 A    Varsity 8 B    Varsity 8 C
   C - Rose Lewis    C - Shaw Newman    C - John Houghton
   S - Jordan Shore    S - Kevin Hinkle    S - Adam Psarouthakis
   7 - Jake Presto    7 - Caleb Brown    7 - Josh Greenberg
   6 - Grey Braybrooks    6 - Dan Jenkins    6 - James Zheng
   5 - Greg Miller    5 - Phil Faris    5 - James Pew
   4 - Benjamin Sonnega    4 - Gage Smith    4 - John Wacnik
   3 - Lake Vitton    3 - Nate Miller    3 - Darran Abkenar
   2 - John Wiegand    2 - Nathan Morningstar    2 - Zach Burns
   B - Colin Darnton    B - Garrett Klumpar    B - Matt Kenney

   Varsity 4 A    Varsity 4 B    Varsity 4 C    Varsity 4 D
   C - John Houghton    C - Nathan Koo    C - Shaw Newman    C - Rose Lewis
   S - Jordan Shore    S - Greg Miller    S - Adam Psarouthakis    S - Nathan Morningstar
   3 - Jake Presto    3 - Dan Jenkins    3 - Garrett Klumpar    3 - Jamie Pew
   2 - Grey Braybrooks    2 - Caleb Brown    2 - Nate Miller    2 - Zach Burns
   B - Colin Darnton    B - John Wiegand    B - John Wacnik    B - Darran Abkenar

   Varsity Pair A    Varsity Pair B    Varsity Pair C    Varsity Pair D
   S - Benjamin Sonnega    S - Kevin Hinkle    S - Gage Smith    S - James Zheng
   B - Lake Vitton    B - Phil Faris    B - Josh Greenberg    B - Matt Kenney