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Head of the Rock

October 9, 2016

Rockford, IL  – The Michigan Men's Rowing Team travelled to Rockford to compete at the annual Head of the Rock Regatta in Rockford, IL. The first regatta of the year for the Michigan Men featured twelve boat entries in seven events, and nearly every rower coming away with a medal. The racecourse is approximately 5000 meters long running along Martin Park and ending at the YMCA of Rockford.

The event began early in the morning with small boats launching first. Jordan Shore and Colin Darnton, winners of the Michigan Pairs Matrix, started the competition off strong with a finish time of 15:38.3 over second place finishers John Wiegand and Greg Miller (who finished with a time of 15:59.5).

Soon after completing the pair events, Michigan sent out two collegiate fours and two open fours. In the collegiate event, Michigan took first and third with times of 14:54.7 and 15:17.7 respectively. In the open event, Michigan placed second and third behind Lincoln Park with times of 15:47.4 and 15:48.8 respectively. Several hours later, a quad was sent out, which took first place with a time of 15:50.1 and featured freshman rower Ashwath Muruganand.

Final events of the day included the Men's collegiate 8+, in which Michigan took first and third place with the Collegiate A boat winning by a greater than thirty second margin over second place Minnesota.

Ten freshmen also raced at the regatta, nine of whom were part of a victorious Novice 8. The frosh then broke into two fours, winning the Collegiate Novice 4 and placing second in the Open Novice 4.

The team continues to train in Ann Arbor for the upcoming Head of the Charles Regatta in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the Head of the Grand in East Lansing, Michigan.




   Collegiate 8 A    Collegiate 8 B    Collegiate 8 C
   C - John Houghton    C - Shaw Newman    C - Rose Lewis
   S - Jordan Shore    S - Caleb Brown    S - Adam Psarouthakis
   7 - Greg Miller    7 - Kevin Hinkle    7 - Zach Burns
   6 - John Wiegand    6 - Daniel Jenkins    6 - Jamie Pew
   5 - Jake Presto    5 - Lake Vitton    5 - Josh Greenberg
   4 - Benjamin Sonnega    4 - Nate Miller    4 - James Zheng
   3 - Phillip Faris    3 - Garrett Klumpar    3 - Darran Abkenar
   2 - Grey Braybrooks    2 - Gage Smith    2 - Michael Griffin
   B - Colin Darnton    B - John Wacnik    B - Matt Kenney

   Collegiate 4 A    Collegiate 4 B    Open 4 A    Open 4 B   Open Quad
   C - Shaw Newman    C - Rose Lewis    C - Nathan Koo    C - John Houghton   S - Adam Psarouthakis
   S - Grey Braybrooks    S - Gage Smith    S - Adam Psarouthakis    S - Jamie Pew   3 - Ashwath Muruganand
   3 - Jake Presto    3 - Caleb Brown    3 - Josh Greenberg    3 - Darran Abkenar   2 - Michael Griffin
   2 - Benjamin Sonnega    2 - Kevin Hinkle    2 - Daniel Jenkins    2 - Nathan Morningstar   B - Nathan Morningstar
   B - Philip Faris    B - Lake Vitton    B - Zach Burns    B - Matt Kenney  

   Collegiate Pair A    Collegiate Pair B    Open Pair A    Open Pair B
   S - Jordan Shore    S - Greg Miller    S - Nate Miller    S - James Zheng
   B - Colin Darnton    B - John Wiegand    B - Garrett Klumpar    B - John Wacnik