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The varsity 8 racing in heats

John Hunter Regatta

March 28, 2017

Gainesville, Georgia - Finally spring racing is upon us!  – Following an intense week of on the water training and testing, the Michigan squad packed up its boats and headed down to the Lake Lanier Olympic Park to compete in the 31st Annual John Hunter Regatta. Arriving mid-afternoon on Friday, there was a short opportunity to row out on the body of water and stretch out legs from the long van rides. In years past, this site had been the location of our team’s spring break trip and ACRA national championship, hence much of the course was familiar to our returning team members; however, for the novice rowers, it was their first opportunity to see the area.

On Saturday morning, the team arrived at the regatta site ready to face up against some good early-season competitors including Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, University of Florida, and more. The Michigan program boated in the following events:

First Varsity Eight (M1V8+)

Second Varsity Eight (M2V8+) -- both an A and B boats

Novice Four (MN4+) -- A, B, and C boats

Varsity Four (MV4+)

Light Four (MLt.4+)

Novice Eight (MN8+) -- A, B, and C boats

Second Varsity Four (M2V4+) -- A, B, C, and D boats

In total, Michigan raced seven events with a total of fifteen lineups. This gave many members of the team the opportunity to row in at least two distinct boats.

There were two types of racing formats throughout the day: The first type, which applied to the Fours, was heats/time trial. In this format, medals were determined based on the place a boat came in for a single race. For example, our men’s second varsity A and B boats raced in one heat of the M2V4+ event, while the C and D boats raced in their own respective heats. Because the A boat came in first in their heat, they got a gold medal. The C boat got first in its heat, and the D boat got first in its heat as well, so they finished with gold medals respectively.

The second format, which applied to the Eights, was advancement to finals based on heats results. Medals were awarded to the boats that finished in the top three of their heats, and then in the top three of the grand final. So, in the case of the Michigan boats, our First Varsity and Second Varsity boats placed first in their heats, and then placed first in their grand final races, so they walked away with a gold medal.

Overall, the Michigan Men had a very successful regatta, taking home seven gold medals, two silver medals, and two bronze medals. We expect that this success is indicative of a great upcoming season, and we will keep working to augment our winnings.

Next week, the First and Second Varsity Eights, as well as the First Novice Eight will travel to San Diego, California to compete in the San Diego Crew Classic. All other members of the team will remain in Ann Arbor to train.

In the meantime, we’ll keep laying it down, rowing hard, and setting our sights on more big wins this spring.

And as always,




   1st Varsity 8    2nd Varsity 8    3rd Varsity 8
   C - John Houghton    C - Rose Lewis    C - Shaw Newman
   S - John Weigand    S - Benjamin Sonnega    S - Adam Psarouthakis
   7 - Jake Presto    7 - Toby Buth    7 - Josh Greenberg
   6 - Grey Braybrooks    6 - Kevin Hinkle    6 - James Zheng
   5 - Greg Miller    5 - Phil Faris    5 - John Wacnik
   4 - Dan Jenkins    4 - Gage Smith    4 - Noah Pavlawk
   3 - Caleb Brown    3 - Lake Vitton    3 - Nate Miller
   2 - Jamie Pew    2 - Ben Getz    2 - Nathan Morningstar
   B - Colin Darnton    B - Garrett Klumpar    B - Darran Abkenar

   1st Varsity 4    Varsity Lightweight 4    2nd Varsity 4 A    2nd Varsity 4 B   2nd Varsity 4 C   2nd Varsity 4 D
   C - Nathan Koo    C - Elena Smith    C - Shaw Newman    C - Rose Lewis    C - Claire Dickerson    C - Ellie Chen
   S - Mike Griffin    S - Mark Boynton    S - Kevin Hinkle    S - Adam Psarauthakis    S - Nathan Morningstar    S - Ryan Tupper
   3 - Scott Griffith    3 - Zach Burns    3 - Toby Buth    3 - Josh Greenberg    3 - Nate Miller    3 - Lake Vitton
   2 - Zach Burns    2 - Danyel Tharakan    2 - Gage Smith    2 - James Zheng    2 - Noah Pavlawk    2 - Ian Barnes
   B - Matt Kenney    B - Chris Bessler    B - Garrett Klumpar    B - John Wacnik    B - Darran Abkenar    B - Peter Fuchs