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Michigan State Dual

October 23, 2016

East Lansing, MI  – The Wolverines of Michigan and The Spartans of Michigan State faced off this weekend in a dual headrace on Michigan State's Grand River. The day started early as both varsity and novice rowers headed north to East Lansing. Upon arrival at the race site, the trailer was quickly unloaded, boats were prepared to launch, and the large majority of novice prepared for what would be the first of many races in their Michigan rowing careers. In a total of 6 events, U of M put forward 14 boats.

The first event of the day was the Men's varsity 2- (pairs) of John Wacnik and Adam Psarouthakis representing Michigan A (UM A), and Matthew Kenney and Michael Griffin representing Michigan B (UM B). UM-A took first place with a time of 11:45.2 beating out second place Michigan State's A boat (MSU A) by a little over 2 seconds. UM-B finished with a time of 12:03.5.

The second event of the day was the Men's varsity 4+, which featured two Michigan boats and two Michigan State boats. Off of the staggered start, Michigan State set a commanding pace, which pushed Michigan's A boat to pursue them down the course. With 500 m left, UM A overtook MSU A, and won the event with a time of 11:26.00. Following closely behind MSU A, Michigan's B boat took third with a time of 12:05.9.

The Novice 8+ A event included three Michigan boats (UM A, UM B, UM C) and one Michigan State boat (MSU A). Many of the novice in this event had prior experience in racing, however, in mixed lineups, the majority of rowers in this group were new to the sport, which made the first, second, and third place sweep of this event impressive.

After a short intermission in racing, the dual got back up with the Varsity 8+ event, where Michigan A, with a time of 10.29.1 bested Michigan State A by 30 seconds. Michigan B managed to walk away from Michigan State B, and took third place with a time of 10:58.5.

The final two events were the Novice 4+ and the Novice 8+ B events. In the former event, both Michigan boats managed to overtake the Michigan State boats, with UM A finishing at 11:36.8 and UM B finishing at 11:40.8. In the Novice 8s, Michigan's D and E boats handily beat Michigan State's B, finishing with times of 11:30.9 and 12:30.4 respectively. Michigan F did not finish the race due to an oar malfunction.

Overall, the dual served as a successful scrimmage and preview of future fall racing. A strong showing from the large novice class reveals a profound depth in the program that will help carry the team in future races.

In two weeks time the team will travel to Indianapolis, Indiana for the Bald Eagle Collegiate Invitational.