Notre Dame Scrimmage

April 14 th , 2018

Ann Arbor, Michigan  – With an ominous forecast of high winds and heavy snow in Spring Lake this past weekend, the Don Lubbers Cup was cancelled ahead of time. In lieu of the round-robin event, a last-minute scrimmage was organized between Notre Dame and Michigan, hosted on our very own Argo Pond. The two teams gathered early Saturday morning to engage in 5x1k sprint races.

Ann Arbor didn't get a pass from the bad weather - as the crews launched they were treated to periodic downpour and near-freezing temperatures. The ND and UM 1V's traded a few sprints; Notre Dame won the first two by a couple seats, followed by Michigan winning the last three by some open water. The 2V races produced similar results. The 3V won every piece by considerable margins while the Frosh had a more challenging scrimmage.

After the rowers had docked and thawed out for a bit, the two teams gathered to share food and a bit of fellowship at the tents set up by parents. It was a nice opportunity to get to know some of the faces that we compete against on the water so often.

Championship season begins in two weeks with MACRA, and the rowers will have completed their semester by then - it is sure to be an exciting time.

And as always, Go Blue!