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Class of 2021

Introducing the Freshmen Class

October, 2017

The University of Michigan  – Much can already be said about the incoming novice class of 2021. The young men and women who now make up the fifty-four person squad have already shown a commitment to something grander than themselves. Knowingly, they have accepted the challenges that lay ahead of them. Workouts will push them harder than they have been pushed before, long days will steadily turn into long nights, and the stress of being the fresh face in an established close-knit team will feel overwhelming at first. However, they have accepted these challenges with the desire for the glory, friends, experiences, stories, and memories that naturally arise from the work ethic and culture of the Michigan Men’s Rowing Team.

Novice Coach Russell Giacobbe has expressed his optimism for the upcoming year with regards to this deep group of athletes, thirteen of which are experienced rowers and coxswains, and forty-one of which are walk-ons hailing from seventeen states and three countries (China, Canada, and Great Britain). "The focus,” he says, “will be to put in the meters that will allow us to be successful for racing this fall and ultimately for the spring sprint season.” A success that has year-over-year depended on the novices’ ability to own their challenges, and face them head on.

Every stroke they take from this point forward will be a testament to the momentum of their racing shell, and the momentum of the our proud team.

Welcome to the tradition.