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Ithaca Invitational

4/02/2012 – The Ithaca Invitational kicked off the spring racing season for the Michigan Men’s Rowing Team this past Saturday. The Wolverines headed to Ithaca, New York, to race on the home course of Cornell University and Ithaca College. Other colleges in attendance included Brock University of Ontario, Canada, and Hobart College of Geneva, New York.

All dual races took place on the Cayuga Lake inlet, a narrow 2K course with two slight turns to starboard and port. The inlet is only wide enough to fit three boats across, with a traveling lane and two racing lanes. Three bridges span the race course, and the course opens up after the 1200-meter mark to a stretch of wider water in front of the Cornell and Ithaca College boathouses.

Morning scrimmages began at 8AM with the Varsity 8+ and 2nd Varsity 8+ duals between Michigan and Cornell University Heavyweights. The Cornell Big Red cinched a lead in the Varsity 8+ with a time of 5:56.3 to Michigan’s 6:01.1. In the 2nd Varsity 8+, Cornell’s margin over the Wolverines was slightly less, with a time of 6:03.4 to Michigan’s 6:06.5

The Ithaca Invitational marked the first sprint race for the freshman squad. After just two weeks on the water since the fall season, the freshman squad fielded four eights. In the Novice 8+ morning dual, the Wolverines fell to a speedy and powerful Cornell eight, with a time of 6:30.6 to Cornell’s 5:59.6.

The Wolverines look forward to another week of training on the water before the annual Wisconsin dual race in Madison, Wisconsin.

Results can be viewed on Row2k.

Photo credit: Chris Brown

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