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Ohio State Dual

11/18/12 – For the 19th consecutive year, the Michigan Men’s Rowing Team has kept possession of the Wolverbuck Oar in the dual race against the Ohio State University.

The Wolverbuck Oar itself has an undoubtedly long history. The wooden oar, split down the middle of the blade, sports the blade designs of both teams: one half of it is a maize and blue, the other half red and white.

The location of dual race versus the Ohio State Buckeyes traditionally depends on the location of the university’s football game. The football game, however, will not take place until Thanksgiving weekend.

This year, the race took place at site of the Oletangy River in Columbus, Ohio. The Oletangy boasts 2,400 meters of water to row on, and was a new location for the Wolverines. Luckily for both teams, the weather was a sunny, windless 53 degrees.

The 1600 meter sprint race proved to be exciting and competitive. This was the first time since the ACRA Championships that the entire team raced at higher, sprinting rates. Due to the narrow width of the river and its bridges, the crews raced in a seeded style, with no more than 1.5-2 lengths of distance between starting crews.

The novice eights event kicked off the racing with the first victory of the day. The Michigan A boat posted a final time of 5:09.0 and finished the race well ahead of the Ohio State A boat, with the Michigan B boat trailing close behind. Both the Michigan A and B crews posted faster times ahead of the OSU A and B crews. The Wolverines fielded an impressive number of 6 novice eights in total.

In the varsity 8+ event, the last and arguably most important event of the day, the Michigan A Boat posted a final time of 4:49 to the Buckeyes’ 5:05.

With the last race of the 2012 fall season in the books, the Wolverines now head indoors to begin winter training. The Michigan Men will continue to practice indoors on a daily basis, and only hope that the winter proves be mild and the river to thaw in an appropriate time .

Full results may be viewed on Row2k.


Varsity 8+ A: cox- Rose Wu, stroke- Stephen Lanham, 7- Louie Schaljo, 6- Lucas Neugebauer, 5- Cody Carter, 4- Alex Crawford, 3- Matthew Herbers, 2- Alex VanderMeulen, bow- Philippe Kirschen

Varsity 8+ B: cox- Bre Poirier, stroke- Ben Lowden, 7- Aamod Dekhne, 6- Ben Montague, 5- Jackson Matheson, 4- Ian Youngs, 3- Zachary Dowlong, 2- Zachary Coburn, bow- Bharat Srinivasan

Varsity 4+ A: cox- Rupali Kulshreshtha, stroke- Wes Vear, 3- Brandt Rosentreter, 2- Nick Sferrazza, bow- Robert Clemente

Varsity 4+ B: cox- Rita Maizy, stroke- Mark Kennedy, 3- Daniel Vitas, 2- Ben Chodos, bow- Pierce Lauring

Varsity 4+ C: cox- Bre Poirier, stroke- Jacob Lucero, 3- Zhao Wang, 2- Matthew Huhta, bow- Hans Muller

Novice 8+ A: cox- Emily Kubik, stroke- Steven Sprecher, 7- Nathan Kossey, 6- Will Burstein, 5- Ian McGraw, 4- Ben Lewis, 3- Will Denman, 2- Alika Ziker, bow- Mitchell Tyson

Novice 8+ B: cox- Emily Kuret, stroke- Ben Suhajda, 7- Lucien Gerondeau, 6- Alex Brown, 5- Matt Weiss, 4- Doug MacEwen, 3- Ian Evans, 2- Andrew Cronin, bow- Hayden Sonnier

Novice 8+ C: cox- Emily Patrick, stroke- Ryan Breen 7- Joseph Jameson, 6- Matt Carlson, 5- Brooks Royster, 4- Ben Dirkse, 3- Jordan Sykes, 2- Blake Ebright, bow- Joe McKenzie

Novice 8+ D: cox- Rachel Lombardi, stroke- Scott Emmert, 7- James Garay, 6- Mark Melendy, 5- Mitchell Mantey, 4 – Steven Schwab, 3 – Patryk Piascik, 2 – Steve Sikora, bow- Jordan Magenta

Novice 8+ E: cox- Chris Tighe, stroke- Ryan Turzewski, 7- Felix Angelov, 6- Doug MacEwan, 5- Damian Rotarov, 4- Alex Brown, 3- Ben Rebertus, 2- Veerapong Chairuangsang, bow- Christopher Thomas

Novice 8+ F: cox- Demi Shanahan, stroke- Matt Carlson, 7- Brooks Royster, 6- Luke Robbins, 5- Joseph Jameson, 4- Evan Harris, 3- Joe Mckenzie, 2- Patryk Piekos, bow- Jordan Sykes

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