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Mid-Winter Training Review

January 29, 2017

Ann Arbor, MI  – After months of beautiful outdoor weather, the bitter cold settled over Argo Pond, which forced the Michigan Men’s Rowers into the Indoor Sports Coliseum to begin Winter Training. Since 2014, following the temporary closing of the Intramural Sports Building where our Rowers had been training for years, the team was relocated to the second floor loft of the Coliseum. The current space hosts a number of attractive features including a vaulted ceiling and long corridor feel that allows for 30+ ergs to operate at one time, and, because the area is shared with the Michigan Boxing team, there are two full sized boxing rings that double perfectly as zones for stretching and post-erg core circuits.

However, given the size of the team this year (62 rowers and 12 coxswains), we are made to practice in grouped intervals to accommodate for the number of ergs that can be worked at one time. Consequently, this has reinforced a harmonic routine for the coaches and rowers alike. On a day-to-day basis, a rower knows his class schedule and which practice group or session he is assigned to. Over the course of two sessions, every rower will complete the same workout. So, for example, if the daily workout is eighty minutes of steady-state, both sessions will complete the eighty minutes. The only things that change are the people and the tunes! And, while the routine of indoor erg training may appear monotonous, the intermittent intra-squad competition and varying repertoire of workouts make for an exciting change of pace with each new day. Between long steady-state workout days, there will be demanding short-interval sprints, arduous long-intervals, and gutsy anaerobic threshold workouts.

The intent of winter training is clearly to prepare the rowers physically and mentally for the fast-approaching spring regattas, yet before the team can start the season with the March 25th Murphy’s Cup in Camden, New Jersey, we have to dust off our racing shells, and haul them to Tallahassee, Florida for our annual spring break training trip. As some may recall, for the past few years the team has travelled to Gainesville, Georgia to practice on Lake Lanier, site of the 1996 summer olympic rowing venue and yearly ACRA national championship; however, a new opportunity to use the beautiful Lake Talquin out of the Florida State University boathouse will take us away from routine. The team members that have been on spring break trips before are looking forward to the change of scenery, and the team members that are getting ready for their first trip surely have a lot to look forward to.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue to put in the meters, row hard, and set our sights on big wins this spring.

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