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Wolverbuck Dual

November 13, 2016

Columbus, OH  – There is no doubt that the greatest rivalry in collegiate sports is embodied in the midwest showdown between The University of Michigan and The Ohio State University. Since 1992 these rivals have faced off their respective rowing programs in a race known as The Wolverbuck. This year, the Michigan Crew travelled to Columbus, Ohio to continue the tradition and defend their 19 year winning streak. The race was held on the Scioto River, which runs through downtown Columbus. Over the 2850 m course, crews were released one at a time and rowed from the Griggs Dam down past the Ohio State Supreme Court building. Conditions for the event were pristine; Sunny, 55 degrees, no wind, and flat water.

The first and third events of the day were the flights for the novice 8+, in which Michigan entered six boats. Outpacing Ohio’s boats from the get go, Michigan-A finished with a time of 9:34.2. Second and third place were the Michigan-B and Michigan-C boats, which finished in 9:44.5 and 10:06.9 respectively. Ohio State-A finished with a time of 10:20.8.

The Varsity 4+ boats started their race in a similarly commanding fashion. Finishing with a time of 10:13.2, Michigan-A bested their Ohio counterpart by ten seconds. Afterwards, with no Ohio State novice 4+, the Michigan-A and Michigan-B novice boats competed against each other, completing the course in 10:21.4 and 10:49.1 seconds respectively.

The final event of the day featured the Varsity 8+ boats. Michigan-A was sent off the starting line first, followed soon after by Ohio State, and eventually Michigan-B. With the most assertive victories of the day, Michigan-A and Michigan-B finished within seven seconds of each other (8:51.8 and 8:58.3 respectively), and more than a minute faster than the Ohio State boat.

Sweeping all events, Michigan left the race with the scarlet, grey, blue, and maize painted Wolverbuck Oar, which can be seen proudly displayed in the Argo boathouse.

The team would like to thank The Ohio State crew and coaches for another well-executed Wolverbuck. Here is to another twenty-years of racing!

Additionally, we would like to thank all the parents who spent countless hours over the past few weeks preparing the food and beverage tents for the numerous regattas around the midwest. We are looking forward to spring racing.

With this race, we conclude fall competition and prepare to move indoors. The team will continue to train in Ann Arbor on the water for another week.





   Varsity 8 A    Varsity 8 B
   C - Shaw Newman    C - John Houghton
   S - Ben Sonnega    S - Adam Psarouthakis
   7 - Colin Darnton    7 - Lake Vitton
   6 - Grey Braybrooks    6 - Dan Jenkins
   5 - Greg Miller    5 - Caleb Brown
   4 - Jordan Shore    4 - Gage Smith
   3 - Jake Presto    3 - Jamie Pew
   2 - John Wiegand    2 - Zach Burns
   B - Phil Faris    B - Josh Greenberg

   Varsity 4 A    Varsity 4 B    Varsity 4 C
   C - Rose Lewis    C - Nathan Koo    C - Fawaz Hussain
   S - Kevin Hinkle    S - Michael Griffin    S - Peter Fuchs
   3 - Nate Miller    3 - Garrett Klumpar    3 - Darran Abkenar
   2 - Nathan Morningstar    2 - James Zheng    2 - Matt Eby
   B - John Wacnik    B - Matt Kenney    B - Danyel Tharakan