April 30, 2023

The team Championship racing started off with the Midwest American Collegiate Rowing Association Championships (MACRA) held on April 30 in Indianapolis and hosted by Purdue and the Indianapolis Rowing Center.

Michigan fielded three Varsity 8+'s, three Varsity 4+'s and a Varsity Pair. On the novice side, Michigan fielded three Novice 8+'s, and two Novice 4+'s. The team received a Silver Medal in the Varsity 8+, Gold medals in the Second and Third Varsity 8+'s, and a Bronze medal in the pair. On the Novice side, the team received Gold medals in the Novice 8+, Silver and Bronze in the Second Novice 8+, and Gold and Bronze in the Novice 4+. The rowers who earned medals in the Novice 4+ race also raced in the third place Novice 8+ boat, allowing them to take home two medals from this regatta.